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  Ryoden International (Hongkong) Co. Ltd. in 2012 Dongguan lincontrol cooling equipment Co. Ltd. established in the world factory, manufacturing city Dongguan chudo. Dongguan is legally registered with the Dongguan Administration for Industry and Commerce in accordance with the law. It holds the business license of enterprise legal person, and is the only
  legitimate manufacturer of "siderite trademark" and "siderite brand" cooling tower manufacturer in china. Over the years, the company unconditionally contracted customer service service on the market most of Mitsubishi electric cooling tower, Mitsubishi Electric Maintenance Market and agent interests.


Cooling Tower

The Concrete

Cooling Tower

Mitsubishi Electric Industrial
Cooling Tower of reinforced
concrete structure,Construction
of hyperbolic and square cooling
towers, products.
Accord with national standard
of concrete cooling tower.


Cooling Tower

The industrial cooling towers
of glass fiber reinforced plastics
are based on temperature
Design high temperature type, medium
temperature type, standard type three
Cooling tower.


Supply Information

Ryoden 2000 tons of industrial cooling tower by using crossflow tower component test practice has superior performance, by the authority of the state institutions prescribed tower detection, the performance indicators have reached or exceed...

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